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Our mission is to support your organization to move towards an environment of inclusivity and help women strive to achieve their full potential and pursue their careers with intent.





For organizations, we focus on managing diversity. This requires a change in mindset, it requires empathy and sensitivity and more importantly a commitment to becoming inclusive.




  • Gender Sensitization and Inclusivity: Programs on awareness of diversity & inclusiveness through meaningful and personal experiences. 

  • Women’s Leadership Programs: Women have their own unique set of challenges that they need to overcome in order to progress in their careers. We offer Foundation and Advanced programs for this.



One-on-One  & Group Coaching:  Our coaching sessions help women identify their challenges, enhance their leadership skills, and raise their own profile and further potential within their organization.



Helping organizations set up practices around diversity and inclusion.

Keynote Talks


Topics for keynotes are on the theme of gender equality and sensitization

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Vaijayanthi asked probing questions to understand more about my situation and provided suggestions that would help me to think better. I liked the way she suggested subtle changes like keeping post-it notes at locations that I see often to remind me of my goals. These are small things but when we are handling many things at once we tend to forget these and a third person view definitely matters. Thank you Vaijayanthi you did exactly that,  so that I can get clarity of thought.
- Sree Swathi, Content Writer
Your coaching sessions provoked my thought process & helped visualize possible challenges in attaining my Goals. These sessions consistently challenged me to think beyond the obvious options & helped attaining my objective faster than otherwise possible. I am thankful for the time you invested during the coaching sessions that resulted in keeping me on track to achieve my aspirations.
- Nitin Nigam, Manager Medtronics


The Survey

We at BreadCrumbsCo, are always looking to better our understanding of how we can help women lead in their careers.

We would like to gain more insight into women's experience with gender equality and biases in the workplace and what personal challenges might hold them back. 


The insight will enable us to further highlight the challenges faced by women in the workplace and encourage conversation and thought in changing the way we look at gender equality.


We are looking for participation across departments, occupation and levels of designation and get as many responses as possible. It is a Short (approximately 5 mins) and Anonymous survey.


We also request you to share the link of the survey with the employees of your company, friends and colleagues.



Our Team

Our mission is to support women in the workforce achieve their potential and help organizations move towards an environment of inclusivity. 
As coaches, we help women achieve a successful and fulfilling career. We believe every woman in the workforce should take charge of her career and financial independence.

Vaijayanthi Bhat


Vaijayanthi is a women’s leadership certified coach. She has more than 12 years of corporate experience, in the IT industry in varying capacities. She has led and successfully delivered high pressure project implementations across industries such as Banking, Telecommunication and Retail. Vaijayanthi believes more women need to be in the workplace breaking the proverbial glass ceiling. She is passionate about teaming up with ambitious and talented women who want to  progress in their careers. 

Sunita Shetty


Sunita Shetty has over 2 decades of work experience in marketing and hospitality. She has been part of the leadership team in IT organizations and has spent time being an entrepreneur. Sunita has over the years done several training programs. 

Sunita has been invited to speak at conferences, organizations and educational institutes on gender diversity and women’s leadership development.




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