Why hire a coach?

Most people, if not all, at any given point in time, have a list of at least 2-3 goals that they want to achieve. It may not be a concrete written down list, it might just be something that you have at the back of your mind……Although do note, pun intended, writing down your goals increases your odds of achieving it.

As I was saying, most people do have a list. Usually a new year rolling in reminds you of the goals and fervent resolutions are made, followed by a few days of pursuing them and then it fizzles out. Why?

Well, for one thing, life gets in the way, one can get so caught up in just the daily routine that the goals are just easier to put on to the back burner. There is always tomorrow right? And so saying another year rolls by. There is also the thing about accountability, since these are personal goals you are not really accountable to anyone, and therefore they are easier to put off. In pursuing a goal, often times old habits need to be broken and replaced with more positive and empowering habits, and lets face it as the saying goes ..”Old habits die hard”.

When pursuing a goal you need consistent effort that needs to be put in over a period of months. To sustain that kind of effort having someone as your ally providing you focused support, motivation and feedback regularly goes a very long way on keeping you on the path.

Sometimes even if you have been consistently putting in effort, you may not be making the progress that you thought you would, this is where introspection is much needed. Introspection is very hard to do on your own, you need to set aside time to introspect, you need to ask yourself the right questions, and push yourself to find the answers to those questions, here again having a coach is hugely beneficial. Someone who will act as a sounding board, Someone who will ask you the right questions, that you were not able to ask yourself because they were too uncomfortable, someone who will challenge you and help you face your self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back, someone who will help you in tapping into that latent potential. Yes it’s there, if you don’t believe you have it, it’s a good example of the self-limiting belief that I was referring to!

These are the biggest reasons why coaching works, not only in reaching your goals but reaching it quicker. Your goals could be anything: career transition, career progress, work life balance, becoming a better parent, losing weight, time management, pursuing a hobby, the list is endless.

So if there is a gap between where you are, and where you want to be, and if you are not ok with that status quo, you might want to consider hiring a coach to help you bridge that gap.

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