Am I a victim?

Am i a victim?

While the memory of the Oscars this year still lingers on, there’s another thought that has stayed with me for many days. I happened to read an article that was published earlier this year in the LA times where prominent female personalities in the movie business discussed equality and our role as women in supporting intersectional feminism.


While there are many points in the article to ponder over, what stood out for me was Shirley MacLaine’s statement – “Change your point of view of being victimized. I’m saying: Find the democracy inside”.

Herein lies my conundrum. I’m always in conflict whether to use the word ‘victim’. As a woman, can I be treated equally and not be given any concessions because I am a victim of all that has happened over the years. Yet can I ever be treated equally if we don’t acknowledge and highlight the victimization? True to what MacLaine says, I would like to change from the focus on victimization to the focus on equality. I want to find the democracy inside but I’d also like to find it outside.

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